Snail Academy workshops provide parents with a deeper understanding of children's natural learning processes and helps parents become aware of the times and ways in which their children engage in sensory-based and experimental learning. We outline a simple model for understanding when and how to join children in their learning processes; a model that remains child-centered while making room for adult participation. Finally we support parents in helping their children to connect sensory-based learning activities to more academic content, while retaining the sensory-based and experimental approach that will support learning in academic contexts throughout life.


Snail Academy's founders are both parents. We know that as parents want to give our children the best possible education to life and to school and career. We've taught our sons and daughters to read the letter from grandma and calculate when they had saved up enough for the toy they wanted. Much later we guided them through filing their first taxes and talked them through job interviews, difficult dates or exams that went well - or not so well. 

We've sung counting songs, flower naming song, and jumped the multiplication tables over and over again. 


Moreover, we've made it our professional careers to support teachers and parents to understand the enormous impact that outdoor learning has to our children - both when it comes to academic results and managing life.


Snail Academy provides parents with an understanding and an easy to goto framework for going outside together and embedding learning into day-to-day life.