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A beech forest is a monocultural habitat. The forest floor hosts a profusion of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that transform the fallen leaves into organic matter. The beech is the most common deciduous tree in Denmark, covering approximately 80.00 hectares of land.


What is this forest? What is it to you?


In the beech forest the leaves rustle underfoot as you walk, and there is a smell of earth, dampness and rot. Overhead you hear the wind soughing in the treetops, just like in a scary movie. You feel a little insecure as you wander through the forest, but when you spot a little hole at the root of a tree, you are filled with excitement; perhaps a mouse lives there!? You kneel down and try to look down the hole, and your trousers get wet and your hands all covered in mould.


Now you are relating directly to the forest through your senses and your emotions. It is becoming your forest. Now you know what a beech forest is.