We built Snail Academy for parents and educators who are looking for a manageable way to take the first steps towards integrating nature and outdoor activities in schools and family life. We want to provide that.


Snail Academy helps you gather up and uncover the knowledge you already have – as a teacher or parent – and to harness that knowledge to move forward with outdoor learning. You know more than you may think you do, and unlike indoor learning, it’s ok – even extra productive – to start with that informal knowledge!

School facilities, furniture and classrooms are designed to remove distractions and reduce sensory input. This is the foundation of a certain kind of learning - which is certainly good for many things. But not everything. When we move out into the world our senses are flooded with feelings and experiences, and learning is deeper and more securely anchored.


Learning is more than what we happens in our heads and in school. We learn more and more sustainably when we use all our senses and our whole body. And the best place to do that is outdoors - whether with our teachers and classmates or with our family.

The Snail Academy mission is to support this everyday, outdoor learning - for children, for life and for the planet.