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We built Snail Academy for educators who work with pedagogical innovation at the team level, and who want to improve the process of innovation and anchor it solidly in their institution. We have the tools and the know-how to support these goals.


Snail Academy helps you gather up and uncover the knowledge you already have – as individuals and as a team – and to harness that knowledge to move forward with innovating. You know – and you innovate – more than you may think you do, and it is essential to start with that personal, local knowledge/at the personal, local level!


Few educators are trained to innovate, although most do so all the time: and few are trained to share, evaluate, and carry forward their innovations. Moreover, most schools are not set up to initiate, support, and evaluate teachers’ innovations, nor to anchor these innovations firmly in their organizational knowledge banks. Finally, each team of educators has a different spectrum of backgrounds, educations, experiences, and visions, all of which are in play during pedagogical innovation, and all of which qualify the process of innovation in interesting and important ways.


The Snail Academy mission is to support these unique, productive processes and to ensure that they can be firmly anchored and carried forward, to the benefit of teachers, children, and education at large.

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